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This page is dedicated to people like you… advertising professionals.

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you want help with new business development. That’s where we come in.

For many years, Spelling Communications has successfully promoted marketing and media organizations, large and small. Our job is to support your new business team with strategic awareness-building in the media. Just as you differentiate your clients, we can differentiate your agency and make your work stand out to prospective new clients.

These are some of the accomplished advertising and media companies we have successfully promoted:

  • Charter Media

  • Denizen Company

  • Adlink

  • Global Icons

  • Acento

  • Seiniger Advertising Group

  • Davis Elen Advertising

  • Castells

  • Orci Advertising

  • BBDO / West

  • Univision

  • WB Doner

We help our clients reach new business goals through “The Power to Influence.” There is no greater influence in business than editorial media exposure. Our proven and time-tested skills in media relations have helped many advertising and companies raise their profile, increase the inflow of new business and enhance their bottom line.

Are you ready to wield The Power to Influence?

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Brian McWilliams, Vice President
Spelling Communications
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